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Accomodation in Central London

So, you are looking for the best accommodation in central London… The truth is that, since London is a city you can easily walk or use public transportation to reach most famous destinations, finding flats to rent in central London should be based on the fact that some places are more central, thus, provide more easiness to the visitor to approach famous places to see.

    Camden and the East End can offer very cheap accommodation in central London. However, you may have to do more than walking since it is a place away from the sights of the territory.
     Victoria is a place south of Westminster and St James’s.Gatwick airportis very near and is the place where someone can say that will find accommodation in central London in a wide price range.  
     Another place with five star hotels near Heathrow airport is Kensington. The Piccadilly line reaches both destinations and you can easily find accommodation in central London.
     The West End comprised of Covent Garden, Soho, Leicester S…